Inter-Voice is a pedagogical experiment for individuals and groups of singers that dissolves relational boundaries between teaching and learning, performer and audience, and public and private. It is also the name of a draft text synthesizing personal anecdotes, online sources, and a three part original exercise as a composite for vocal instruction. Cultivating one's voice, a life long companion, entails subjective processes for each of us, including those of the imagination and the subconscious. Inter-Voice allows the ongoing discovery of such processes as we relate to our own voices and to those of others—redefining the notions of talent and skill as we draw on various vocal techniques, meditation, and performance history—in real time.

Inter-Voice Diagram 1 (top), Students from a workshop offered at Schema for a School (Asad Raza with Jeff Dolven and D. Graham Burnett of Princeton University) as part of Prelude to The Shed in May 2018 (New York). 

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