Iterations (Concrete) I & II is a two-part performance created in situ at the Academy Mansion in New York for 3 dancers, sound recording / playback and a singer commissioned by Dominique Levy September 19, 2013. 

Movement I is an interpretation of an Orphic totenpass, a call and response between the artist and the ancient instructions. The dancers use large paper shapes as stage props. 

Taking up another point of reference 2000 years later, Movement II is an improvisational sound piece inspired by Pierre Henry's Musique Concréte work from1953 Le Voile D’Orphée.  Like the original, this piece utilizes contemporary sampling techniques to create a sound-installation with performers using their voices, single xylophone bars in the Key of F# Major, a single clave, a drumstick and a tuning fork. This sound is captured and re-presented simultaneously. 

Sam Greenleaf Miller
Katy Pile
Juri Onuki

Sahra Motalebi

Sound Engineer
Matt Marinelli

Props for Movement I
Daggers: Juri Onuki
Lotuses: Katy Pyle
Lyres: Sam Greenleaf Miller

Instrumentation for Movement II
Live Digital Sound Processing: Matt Marinelli
Clave, drumstick, tuning fork: Sam Greenleaf Miller
Voice: Sahra Motalebi
Xylophone A#: Juri Onuki
Xylophone G# and E#: Katy Pyle