Such is the Game of Authenticity (2009) is a 35 minute musical performance taking place within an 8-channel video installation in the main hall at MoMA PS1.  The stage is designated by two identical videos projected side by side as a digital backdrop for the vocal performance; in these videos the camera surveys a large industrial interior punctuated by paper stage-sets that explore “expressionism” as a performative idiom. Six related videos featuring a sculptural stage-set from the 'Studies in Authenticity (Crystal Series)' are also projected throughout the gallery, refracting the visual dramaturgy of the performance in a 360 degree span. Musical score from the performance will be released as a set of Art Songs called Tender Mortal Means, EP (Static Recital, 2010).

This was first performed as an 8-channel video Installation and vocal performance on November 18, 2009,  'Saturday Sessions', MoMA PS1, Queens, New York. Filmed by Colin Whitaker.